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Vertical Foam Stand

Vertical Foam Stand

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The brick foam stand is perfect for vertical creations such as centrepieces, arches and so on. 

It is crafted from high-quality, water-absorbent foam that is specially formulated to securely hold a variety of foliage, flowers, and decorative elements.

This foam is designed to retain water, ensuring the longevity of your arrangement.


  • Wet foam accessories
  • Built-in hole for hanging on both ends
  • Reusable guard (foam must be replaced)


  • Tray: D 24.5 x H 5.7 cm
  • Single: H 25 x W 9.3 x L 11.2 cm
  • Dual Tower: H 50 x W 9.3 x L 11.2 cm
  • Tri Tower: H 75 x W 9.3 x L 11.2 cm

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