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Foam Tray Rect 3 Bricks XL

Foam Tray Rect 3 Bricks XL

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Our XL floral foam tray is an essential tool for creating impressive floral arrangements on a larger scale. Its generous size, stability, and water-holding capabilities make it a valuable asset for professional florists, event planners or anyone looking to create impactful floral displays. It’s also commonly used for a table or floor display arrangement for weddings and corporate events. 

This tray comes with a long piece of high-quality floral foam for maximum hydration which is equivalent to 3 blocks of floral foam and it is securely mounted to the waterproof container. 


  • Wet foam accessories


  • Foam: W 69.5 x H 8 x D 11 cm 
  • Tray: W 71.5 x D 12 cm

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